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The correct raw materials


Hagens Spring Group has stocks of most types of spring wire, which is the raw material in the production of springs and spring solutions.

This includes black wire, oil-hardened and stainless steel wire, covered bronze wire and beryllium-copper wire.

Our suppliers of raw materials are recognized steel and wire producers. In this way we ensure the production of your requirement for specialized solutions and uniform springs regardless of the quantity and size of the springs.

Spring wire

Spring wire is a complex raw material. The wire ensures the spring's ability to change form when it is coiled or processed in some other way. At the same time the wire needs to have a strength and hardness that ensures its stability when after compression or expansion the spring returns to its original form.

The tensile strength is important

Most springs are produced from spring wire - also known as carbon wire - where the carbon content is between 0.5 and 1.2 percent depending on the requirement for the tensile strength.

Spring wires with a higher tensile strength are used when there are increased requirements for the wear resistance of the spring.

The tensile strength is derived from the spring wire going through a special hardening and subsequent pulling process.

Oil-hardened or stainless-steel wire

Hagens Spring Groups has many years of experience with specialized springs so we know which raw materials best suit your needs.

This may be oil-hardened wire or springs in a stainless material, which puts different demands on raw materials and manufacture.

Seawater-resistant wire

For example, if the spring needs to be seawater-resistant or non-magnetic, Hagens Spring Group uses hard-drawn bronze wire.

Copper wire for the electronics industry

For example, springs for the electronics industry are produced in a beryllium-copper wire.

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