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75th anniversary


Hagens Spring Group invest heavily in the Medico sector

 With the increased focus on health and large investments in the health sector, Hagens Spring Group has in the latter years invested a lot in the latest production technology as well as a brand new state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning line.



 This means that Hagens Spring Group has expanded the capacity within medico related springs to more than 50 million compression springs per year.



 “We see a huge and increasing potential for smaller compression springs within the medico sector, but also other spring related products” Henrik Hagens states. “The medico sector is a strategic area for all of our production sites, in both Denmark, Sweden and China”.


At Hagens Spring Group we are happy and proud to announce that we have received the award as Successful Company 2020 (Success Virksomhed 2020).

 The award is given to a company, which has shown the following:

 Increased result before tax in the last 5 years

 A solvency ratio of more than 15% in the latest financial year.

 An increased equity over the last 5 years

 The ability to create results based on the available capital base

 The award is handed out by Spar Nord (Bank) and BDO (Accountant)