Springs, Stamping Parts and Metal Components

Specialized Solutions as the Main Business

Since the beginning, innovation and creativity has developed HAGENS into one of the leading producers of specialized springs, clips and metal components for high-end applications. HAGENS is a global supplier of high quality springs and components according to customer specifications. The products are based on international standards to the highest quality and at competitive prices. Welcome to HAGENS.

Innovation, Development and Creative Ideas as the Driving Force

Springs for all purposes

Springs for all purposes



About Hagens A/S

About Hagens A/S

Quality & Certifications

Quality & Certifications

The customers


The automotive industry has always set high requirements for its suppliers. As a supplier to the automotive industry HAGENS has met these requirements through innovation and by optimizing the production and the flow, which other customer groups also benefit from.


One of HAGENS’ main customer groups is larger industrial and international companies.

Industrial customers use HAGENS products in their products, such as valves, pumps, windows, blindfolds, food processing equipment, lawnmowers, train breaks, ship engines, etc.


HAGENS has focused on agriculture for many years – and will continue to do so in the future.

The agriculture customers are in most cases large international producers of agriculture machinery.


With the increased focus on health in general, HAGENS wants to support this development with the supply of relevant products and broader knowledge.

The health customers mainly consist of larger global companies within the medical sector, but also customers who produce hospital and dental equipment.

Quality springs require qualified advice

The right spring solutions

We are a global supplier of springs tailored to customer specifications. We guarantee products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

As a bespoke manufacturer, Hagens Spring Group puts the needs and requirements of its customers first.

We emphasize a close relationship and partnership with our customers, so that together we can develop the right spring solutions based on the customers technical instructions and specifications.

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