Tension springs

A tension spring can have a wire diameter from 1.0 to 25.0 mm. Tension springs are supplied with all types of loops,
hooks or with a threaded insert.

tension spring

Tension springs for many purposes

Torsions springs are cylindrically coiled spring with a rectilinear bar made of spring steel. The spring mechanism arises from twisting the bar.

An arm spring is utilized in such things as vehicles, where one end of the spring is fitted in the chassis, for example, and the other end of the spring to a wheel suspension.

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Tension Spring

A lot of machines and other mechanical applications depend on tension springs. HAGENS manufactures tension springs for many purposes with great care for the final product in mind. Each tension spring is supplied with a loop at each end. These are meant to fasten the spring in the intended machinery, to adjust to the required tension.

HAGENS has years of experience in designing and manufacturing tension springs for a wide range of purposes. The general design is characterized by the increasing distance between each coil as it stretches. With every individually designed tension spring, the loops on each end are designed separately depending on how the spring is to be fastened. There is plenty of heavy machinery that depends on small tension springs. As such, the smallest tension spring measures a wire diameter of minimum ø0,2 mm while the largest measures a wire diameter of ø25.0 mm.

There is a vast difference in the intended purposes of tension springs. For instance, whether it is meant to be used in agricultural machinery or it is meant as a garage door spring tension. As such, each tension spring manufactured are supplied in different materials depending on where the spring is to be used. The tension spring, as opposed to the compression spring, is designed to extend back. The tension spring is meant to withstand the pull on both ends and return to its original shape once the tension is removed.

The Many Uses of Tension Springs
HAGENS supplies tension springs for garage doors among other things. These are manufactured to withstand the weight and pull of the door, with the constant ability to return to its original shape.
However, there are many other applications where the tension spring is very useful. For example in trampolines where the tension springs hold the mat in place.

Other uses of the spring include certain car parts, pliers and various heavy machinery. HAGENS can support in most cases as your tension spring supplier. It does not matter whether it is a replacement spring or something brand new for a device yet to be constructed. The selection of tension springs is only as limited as the customer’s requirements.

Your Choice of HAGENS Springs
At HAGENS every custom tension spring is manufactured with great care with the application and and function in mind. A proud team of experienced engineers and technicians makes sure that every tension spring from HAGENS lives up to each requirement. If you ever need help figuring out which tension springs or measurements you require, feel free to contact HAGENS.