Locking rings

Rings are produced in thicknesses of between 0.1 mm and 25.0 mm.

Locking rings

Use of locking rings

A locking ring is a spring that makes it possible to fasten two items together. Locking rings are also supplied with arms.

A locking ring needs to be produced very accurately so that it lies fixed and steady in its track.

This ensures the spring action of the ring and makes it possible to fasten two items together.
Hagens Spring Group also produces locking rings with arms for use in assembly or disassembly.

They are produced in a thickness of between 0.1 mm and 25.0 mm.

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What is a disc spring?

A disc spring is a disc with a conical shape, and it is this shape that gives the disc spring its spring effect, when it is stacked.

Disc springs are stacked in different ways – dependent on purpose, space and strength requirements. The effect can be adjusted by stacking the conical discs.

The many options for combinations of sizes, materials and designs make the disc spring an especially robust form of spring.

Hagens Spring Group delivers disc springs in a wide range of sizes. The springs are also known as conical spring washers or disc spring washers.

As always, based on the customers technical specifications and requirements.

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