Compression springs

Compression springs – from 0.1 mm to 25.00 mm wire diameter. Galvanized, painted or finished in some other way.

compression spring

Different-sized compression springs

HAGENS manufactures a wide range of different-sized heavy-duty compression springs for a long line of usage. All compression springs are manufactured to withstand the required forces and weights. The compression springs design depends on which applications it is meant for. Therefore the material of the compression springs can vary depending on whether it is to be used for static or dynamic loads.

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The right choice of material for compression springs

HAGENS’ compression springs are used in multiple contexts. Many of these go unnoticed because of the expected way of things to function, such as the small compression springs used in a door lock. Hardly anyone pays attention to the many ways small compression springs are used unless they are no longer work. At this point, it is evident how important an element the compression spring is. It could also be the heavy-duty compression springs in a marine engine which is very essential for the ship to be able to sail.

HAGENS’ wide selection of compression springs helps to keep all of these things running without fault. If any customer finds the need for custom compression springs, this is also a solution available with HAGENS. Custom orders will be handled with regards to the specific use of the spring, thus the selection of raw material and finish of the spring are adjusted for the best durability. Each order is produced based on customer-specific requirements. This is to ensure that the customers get the exact spring they need.

HAGENS offers a wide range of sizes to every customer. The smallest compression spring measures ø0.2 mm while the largest measures ø25.0 mm. Most compression spring are produced in round wire, but also square wire can be offered. Depending on the application and use for the compression spring, it is the customer’ choice whether the spring should be galvanized, painted or finished in some other way.

At HAGENS each compression spring is manufactured according to the customers specifications and with the application and function in mind. Experienced engineers and technicians will support the customers in order to makes sure that the compression springs are according to each customers requirements and specs.