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Die springs – heavy load in small spaces

With so many varieties of springs, it can be difficult to find out which to choose for what purpose. The die spring is the right choice when heavy loads in small spaces are required. HAGENS manufactures the standard die spring but custom requests from customers are always welcome. With many purposes for compression die springs, HAGENS is always available to help in any way needed.

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Heavy Duty Die Springs from HAGENS

A die spring is a compression spring made of a rectangular wire as opposed to a compression spring. Because of this way of manufacturing, the heavy-duty die spring is well-equipped to handle heavy loads in any high-stress applications. With so many different ways to use the standard die springs, they have all been colour-coded. This is to ensure easy identification for the many varied usages of any stainless steel die spring.

Most standard die springs are used in press tools, valves, coupling, brakes, fixtures or any other application where the die springs are meant to withstand high loads in small spaces. These are all techniques where the function is dependent on the heavy-duty load of the small die spring. As such, HAGENS only manufactures die springs of the best material to obtain the best durability. Because of the trapezoid profile, it allows the design to have a shorter but solid length. This further increases the deflection capacity of any custom die spring. This way of manufacturing results in a long lifespan with few alterations to deal with over the years.

Your Standard Die Spring

Every standard die spring manufactured at HAGENS is made with standard colour coding to ease any identification for use and later instalments. With so many possible ways to use the die springs, this is one way to make sure they are not applied incorrectly worldwide. The intention of every die spring purchased at HAGENS is to have an extended lifetime. Once installed there should not be any risk of shutting down any line of operations for any machinery where the die spring is required.

Your Choice of HAGENS Springs

HAGENS does not differentiate any potential in any die spring. Every custom die spring is manufactured with great care with the final destination and function in mind. A proud team of experienced engineers and technicians makes sure that every die spring to leave HAGENS lives up to each requirement. If you ever need help figuring out which die springs or measurements you require, feel free to contact any staff member at HAGENS. Every employee at HAGENS will help to find the right solution for you.

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