Harrow tines

HAGENS supplies harrow tines for agricultural use. These are mainly used for farm work because of its
ability to break the soil. Aside from agricultural use, the spring harrow parts can also be used in specific
gardening contexts. HAGENS manufactures spring harrow tines up to sizes of 18 mm in spring wire surface
treated by customer’s choice.

Torsion spring

Spring Harrow Tines Manufactured at HAGENS

A harrow tine has its name based on the shape of the coiled tine. It is related to the old tools used by farmers when they had to break the soil. The modern harrow spring tooth is designed for the best way to smooth and break the soil for better agricultural purposes.

The coil tine harrow attachment works effortlessly in preparing the soil for seeding by breaking up clods and levelling the ground better. The spring harrow tines make it easier for any farmer to refresh and restore large parts of the soil. Many farmers still favour the drag teeth of a spring tine because of its effective method.

As a tine harrow manufacturer, HAGENS is well aware of the need for quality in single components. As such, HAGENS only manufactures spring harrow parts to last several years in use.

Each spring tooth is cultivated and treated for high pressure and durability. Generally, HAGENS surface treats all harrow tines – either with a layer of coated paint or a galvanization.

HAGENS recognizes that every customer may require different treatments for their desired spring harrow tines. As such, all harrow tines can be recommended with either option.

If the customer wishes for the desired tine spring to be finished with a coat of paint, HAGENS offers to match the colors in question. No matter the choice in surface treatment or color, HAGENS guarantees a strong and durable harrow tine that will match the final product.

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HAGENS Has Years of Experience as Harrow Tine Manufacturer

Depending on the specific application of the harrow tines, the final shape and size of the spring tooth may vary. It also varies depending on the machine it is meant for. However, as HAGENS has manufactured harrow tines for many years, each customer can rely on a final product of the highest quality.

It may be easy enough to order spring harrow parts, however, there are more factors to consider that may be instrumental in the effectiveness of the spring tooth. For the next order of harrow spring tooths any customer should consider the length and diameter of the tine. If the wish is for a more aggressive style the choice should be the longer and thicker drag teeth.

However, if it is a smoother field with a better finish the customer desires, the choice ought to be for a shorter and thinner spring tooth. Customers should also consider the amount of drag teeth on the single harrow. The more tines on the harrow in question, the more effective it will be. Furthermore, there is the angle of the harrow tine to consider. Any adjustment of the spring harrow parts and increase or decrease the aggressiveness in functionality.

Spring Tines for Cultivators From HAGENS

HAGENS is aware of the different requirements when it comes to harrow tines. Each spring harrow part is manufactured with the final application in mind and a specific focus on functionality. HAGENS’ team of designers and engineers always ensure that every harrow spring or tooth leaving the facility lives up to the determined requirement. Any customer is always free to contact HAGENS with any questions regarding harrow tines made to fit any machinery.


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