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Disc springs are very powerful and strong.

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Use of Disc springs

HAGENS manufactures a wide range of springs for industrial heavy machinery, including disc springs which can be used in multiple machines and applications. Generally, the disc spring is used if the height in the machine does not have space for a compression spring with the same effect. HAGENS considers every option for each customer and offers the choice to customise any order of disc springs along with every other spring from the digital catalogue.

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Conical Disc Springs From HAGENS

A disc spring has its name from its purpose, due to its conical shape – a reason why it is also known as the conical disc. The disc spring further gains its spring effect when it is stacked. In other respects, the disc spring may be known as the Belleville disc spring or the conical disc. However, the purpose remains the same despite its multiple names. 

The use of disc springs is varied. It all depends on the purpose, space and strength requirements for the machinery in question. Through the stacking of the disc, it is possible to adjust the effect of the individual disc spring.

All customers can order disc springs in a wide range of sizes at HAGENS. HAGENS only manufactures disc springs of the best materials to sustain the heavy durability they will be subjected to. If HAGENS does not offer a standard-sized Belleville disc spring, you can rest assured that HAGENS will see to any special requests concerning technical specifications and requirements. Every disc spring manufactured at HAGENS is made of stainless steel designed to endure multiple heavy loads daily.

Your Choice of HAGENS’ Disc Springs

The disc spring offers many options for combinations of sizes, materials and designs which make the disc spring an especially robust spring for heavy machinery. Used in combination with a compression spring, disc springs are often the preferred choice above many other springs. HAGENS recognises the choice to use the Belleville spring, as it is also called, in certain critical applications. This includes but is not limited to safety valves and certain brake mechanisms in elevators. When security becomes a critical point of the disc spring’s purpose, HAGENS does not differentiate in the manufacturing. 

Disc springs from HAGENS are credited and requested because of their reliability in machinery and their undeniable predictability when applied to offer a lifespan of service without fault. HAGENS can only offer this because the best materials are used from start to finish in the line of production.

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