HAGENS integrates ESG and CSR into our core strategy, focusing on sustainability, reducing their environmental footprint, and ethical behavior. HAGENS emphasize transparency, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement, support community projects, prioritize employee welfare, and adhere to rigorous governance standards, aligning with global sustainability goals to create long-term value.


HAGENS has been working with ESG for many years and has made continuous improvements, particularly in the environmental sector.

Today, we create ESG reports and have the following main focuses on the climate side:

hagens climate actions

We also have a social focus, where we contribute both locally and globally to ensure the well-being of our employees and strive to influence our surroundings with a social approach. Please refer to the CSR policy for more details.


Hagens accomplish this by trading in a global and socially responsible manner and by taking consideration of human rights, social conditions, working conditions, the environment and climate.

CSR values also include employee rights and anti-corruption.

Hagens complies with all laws, regulations and agreements in the area with a basis in


  • Human Rights
  • UN conventions
  • ILO conventions and recommendations

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