quality control

Quality & Certifications

Quality is a key term for HAGENS and the productions include extensive quality control.

HAGENS work in accordance with the international standards for quality management IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

Production and documentation

When an order is received, the engineers and technicians examine and calculate the customer’s product drawings and specifications before the product goes into production.

During the whole production, HAGENS has a set procedure for how the production is documented.


HAGENS holds the following certificates: ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001:

The Management Systems for HAGENS contain precise descriptions of how the overall process ensures production in the best quality and according to environmental standards.

For HAGENS, quality management is not just checking. It is the attitude towards the work.


No product leaves HAGENS before it is checked.

Advanced measuring equipment tests that the springs are performing according to the quality that is prescribed and agreed upon and that can be expected from the HAGENS.

Despite continuous quality control of raw materials, production and finishing, it is the final check that is your assurance that we will deliver the products in the best possible quality.

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HAGENS supply to a number of different industries and the requirement for documentation varies from customer to customer.

This means that HAGENS can supply everything from a material certificate to full PPAP documentation.

Project Management

It is not always one knows exactly how the design should look like or if the finished product will meet the requirements.

To meet customers’ growing needs, HAGENS has invested a lot in product and technology development, prototyping and product validation, such as product and tool design, stress calculation and rapid prototyping

HAGENS also offers salt spray testing (corrosion), life cycle durability and relaxation testing as well as CMM measurements.