Wave Springs manufacturer

Wave springs have been developed as an alternative to the traditional compression spring.

Wave Springs

When are wave springs used?

A wave spring is normally used when space for the spring is limited.

Both the wave spring’s collective length and the spring’s height are significantly less than a compression spring with the same strength.

Typically a wave spring will fill a very small space in comparison to the function that the spring is performing. Such springs are generally used where there are narrow axial and radial space restrictions. But they can also be used in other contexts.

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Other uses for wave springs

Wave springs in several layers are produced from a flat spring wire and are supplied in various sizes and several different materials. A wave spring in one layer is typically manufactured in round spring material.

Regardless of the size, Hagens Spring Group supplies wave springs based on the customers specifications and strength requirements.

At the end of the day it is dependent on what the spring will be used for, and we are happy to help you find the correct spring solution.

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