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Clock spring

The purpose of clock springs

A clock spring has its name from its main purpose to be used in clocks. In general, HAGENS manufactures clock springs intended for many varied uses. As with every other spring manufactured at HAGENS, every clock spring is made with the best raw materials with a high level of durability. Clock springs are made in different sizes due to their potential in several applications. As with every other spring from HAGENS, a custom design is always a possibility, should any customer require it.

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HAGENS as Your Choice of Clock Spring Manufacturer

If a torsion spring is not sufficient enough there is always the choice of a clock spring. The clock spring has the vantage of rotating in circular movements, which allows it a better function in a variety of applications and machinery. They come in nearly all sizes because of their multipurpose. 

HAGENS has years of experience in manufacturing clock springs. As such, every clock spring is made from quality materials chosen for its strength and durability.

While a torsion spring will be an obvious choice in many other instances, specific appliances require the clock spring as the better choice because of the way it revolves around any object’s axis. This way its force is pushed to another object thereby working better for traditional clocks and watches.

Your Choice of HAGENS Springs

HAGENS does not differentiate any potential in any clock spring. Every custom clock spring is manufactured with great care with the final destination and function in mind. A proud team of experienced engineers and technicians makes sure that every clock spring to leave HAGENS lives up to each requirement. If you ever need help figuring out which clock springs or measurements you require, feel free to contact any staff member at HAGENS. Every employee at HAGENS will help to find the right solution for you.

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