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Our Management System for quality management

The Management System for Hagens Spring Group contains a precise description of how the overall process ensures production of springs of the best quality and environmental standards.
The Management System specifies

  • specifications and processes that are necessary to deliver quality springs
  • the order and interaction between the different activities in order to ensure that the quality assurance system functions in the best possible way in the whole of Hagens Spring Group.
  • control points and adequate resources for monitoring and analysis of each individual process
  • Hagens Spring Group is able to supply uniform products
  • how we meet customer specific solutions and quality requirements - both formulated as well as general requirements and expectations - for a quality product.
  • the use of information and data from both internal and external sources that contribute to a continuous improvement in quality
  • employees' motivation and understanding of the quality management system
  • how the systematic deviations are handled so that they create the least possible problem for the customer and at the same time ensure that the error is not repeated

For Hagens Spring Group quality management is not just prevention and checking - it is also an attitude towards our work.

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