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    Springs in all sizes

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    A world of springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Specialist springs are our standard

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Designed springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Springs for all types of machinery

    - Hagens Spring Group

Specialized solutions for all industries

Hagens Spring Group services a wide range of customers within almost all industries that use springs.

Years of experience in very different areas means that Hagens Spring Group can solve big and small tasks with short notice and personal advice.

There are few standard solutions when it comes to springs. That is why it is always worth contacting Hagens Spring Group, who since 1945 has supplied springs to practically all industries and solved specialized tasks within such areas as:    

If you wish to have specific references within your sector, you are always welcome to contact us. 

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