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One of our strengths is assemblies with several sub-components, where we combine our different processes (spinning, wire, welding, punching, assembling). Sometimes we do everything in-house, but when needed we use skilled subcontractors for certain sub-components or surface treatment. In any case we can guarantee a finished product of highest quality.

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Wheel Axis

A wheel axis on a robot lawn mower serves as the central shaft around which the wheels rotate. It enables the movement and steering of the mower across the lawn, allowing it to navigate and cover the desired areas effectively. The axis is essential for stability and control, ensuring the robot mower can maneuver smoothly while cutting the grass.

Pillar loop

The pillar loop is used in a 3-point seat belt system. It is the piece above the shoulder of the passenger, and is used to guide the webbing over the shoulder and across the chest of the passenger.

Bonnet striker

A bonnet striker is a component in an automobile that plays a crucial role in securing and locking the vehicle’s front hood or bonnet. It is typically a latch mechanism that engages with the hood latch to keep the bonnet securely closed while the vehicle is in motion. The bonnet striker ensures that the hood remains in place, preventing it from unexpectedly opening and providing both safety and security for the vehicle’s engine compartment.

Grass Catcher Bag

A grass catcher is an attachment for a lawn mower, crafted from materials such as fabric or plastic, with the purpose of collecting and containing cut grass during the mowing process. Positioned at the rear of the mower, it directs grass clippings into a designated compartment, preventing them from spreading across the lawn. This accessory ensures a tidy lawn appearance and simplifies the disposal of collected grass clippings after the mowing task.

Pre-heater air inlet

A pre-heater for the air inlet in diesel engines is a device designed to warm the incoming air before it enters the engine combustion chamber. This aids in improving the efficiency of the combustion process, especially in cold weather conditions, by ensuring that the air reaching the engine is at an optimal temperature. The pre-heater helps enhance engine performance, reduce emissions, and facilitate smoother starts in colder climates.

Brake Wear Indicators

is used to warn the operator of a vehicle that the brake pad is in need of replacement. We carry a comprehensive range of these items for the automotive industry worldwide.

Screw terminals

Our products are used within electrical panels securing a safe installation of costumer
products. Thread cutting, screw insertions are performed directly on the stamping

Wire parts

Applications is everything from locking systems for cars, gas regulators, hardware for windows, heating pumps etc.. The shape of the components is limited by imagination only.

Items for the building industries

Our selection of items are used in various applications within the building industry. From load-bearing structures to the fastening of building cladding. Our in-house construction and manufacturing of tools enable us to fit our machines to run your items with high performance and throughput.

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