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Gas springs


A gas spring consists of a steel cylinder containing gas (nitrogen) under pressure and a rod which slides in and out of the cylinder through a sealed guide.

When the gas is compressed by the retraction of the rod, it produces a force in return, acting like a spring.


Compared to traditional mechanical springs, the gas spring has an almost flat force kurve even for very long strokes. It is therefore used wherever a force is required that is proportion to the weight to be lifted or moved, or to counter-balance the lifting of movable, heavy equipment.

The force of a gas spring is determined by the pressure that the nitrogen in the cylinder exerts on the section of the rod.

A gas spring is normally supplied with 2 end fittings (one for each end)

In order to receive more information about gas springs, please download the gas spring catalogue here:

Industrial gas springs


When you have identified the spring (and volume) you need from the catalogue or on  http://webshop.hagens.com/ , please contact your usual sales contact at Hagens for quotation and prices.

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