Special springs

HAGENS recognizes the fact that any standard spring may not suffice. As such, HAGENS manufactures a long line of special springs in nearly every shape and size. All of these special springs are manufactured with their multiple purposes in mind while perfecting the design of each one for their intended destination.

For Hagens, specialized springs are standard – regardless of the spring type.

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Special Springs Manufactured with HAGENS’ Precision

With every spring that leaves HAGENS’, it is ensured that they live up to their demands. The die spring, the clock spring, the disc spring and the wave spring all have multifaceted purposes for which a heavy-duty material is required to make sure they have the desired durability. As spring manufacturers, HAGENS always makes sure to update and maintain each design with the help of a team of designers and technicians.

Even with this large selection of stainless steel special wires, it is not uncommon for customers to have special requirements. These are always met at HAGENS. HAGENS is aware that technology develops day to day in each line of business. It is because of this, that HAGENS always accepts any custom requests from any customer. What every order has in common, is the attention to detail and materials used in each spring component.

Choose HAGENS to Manufacture Special Springs

It is HAGENS’ attention to detail that ensures the best quality in every manufactured spring. With such a long line of purposes for each spring, the quality of the final product mustn’t be at stake. HAGENS has years of experience working with springs of every size for a variety of purposes. As spring manufacturers, HAGENS focuses on each design to make sure it matches the intended application or machinery.

Each special spring is designed to withstand and endure heavy-duty resistance as well as potential corrosion. While it is not sure every special spring is meant to handle heavy loads, the repeated motion of each spring requires a material with long durability. HAGENS provides this to make sure a long line of industries is supplied with special springs for customers in large industries or small supplies.

You are welcome to browse the entire catalogue of special springs digitally. If you do not encounter what you are looking for, please, feel free to reach out for any required assistance.