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HAGENS offers multiple metal solutions, including any that may involve steel stamping parts. These are special metal and technical parts that are required in specifically designed applications where other solutions are not an option. These are ordinary components that most people do not see.

However, they play an equally important part in making sure many different machines work accordingly. In the same fashion as any other product from HAGENS, stamping parts are made to endure tight tolerances, leaving no room for error.

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HAGENS Steps Up As Manufacturer in Stamping Parts

HAGENS prides itself as a leading stamping parts manufacturer. All stamped parts have a very high tolerance as well as endurance. With years of experience, HAGENS manufactures stamping parts for multiple purposes, many of which are never visible in their designated fixture. Metal stamping parts require precision and attention to detail, both of which are incorporated into the manufacturing process at HAGENS. The majority of stamping parts manufactured at HAGENS are used in various electrical and technical machinery. This requires an attention to detail that leaves no room for error with any precision stamping parts. Stamped metal parts are important features in several industries and their technical equipment. As such, HAGENS employs a line of dedicated work to manufacture each stamped metal part.

As a stamping parts manufacturer, HAGENS continues to develop and enhance its line of production. This is all done to guarantee that any stamped metal parts have been handled correctly. Starting with running the metal sheet directly from the coil through the stamping press. Following the stamping process, most metal sheets are re-coiled for future use. Each customer’s order of stamping parts is handled with care. From the initial process to ensure the precision of metal stamping parts to the final product. HAGENS recognizes the continued technological development, which is always met with further investments in manufacturing equipment to keep up with the evolving industry.

The Many Uses of HAGENS’ Stamping Parts

Stamped metal parts have several functions across industries and machinery. HAGENS manufactures stamping parts for almost anything from furniture to agriculture. Stamped steel parts can be produced and made to fit the smallest of needs, which is why stamped metal offers far less wastage.  Many bigger industries such as construction or marine require specific stamped metal parts able to withstand certain elements and abrasion. For larger requests such as these, it may benefit all parties involved to form a partnership for HAGENS to become your metal stamping parts supplier. With a partnership like this, you will have an easier time to request any custom stamped metal parts necessary.

As for machinery that requires custom stamping parts, this also pertains to automotives. Many large industries use heavy machinery, which often also includes vehicles in many variations. In moving vehicles such as these it is even more important to have the correct automotive metal stamping parts. The process to find the correct automotive stamping parts of course becomes easier with custom metal stamping parts designed specifically for the individual customer. When working with automotive metal stamping parts it is pivotal that every component works correctly to prevent any malfunctions.

HAGENS offers the choice between brake wear indicators, screw terminals and items for building industries all manufactured from stamped metal parts.  If for some reason, you are unable to find a specific stamped part, feel free to reach out for any further assistance.